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Working alongside our long time client EDF Renewables, the projects, located in Bredbury, Stockport, and Indian Queens, near Newquay, mark a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to enhancing the UK’s energy infrastructure.


Both sites, which began construction in the first half of 2024, boast the capacity to store 50MW of power each. This stored energy can be efficiently released into the National Grid during periods of high demand, providing a reliable and sustainable energy solution.

In 2023 we provided comprehensive procurement and tendering services for the projects, and are currently engaged in contract management and commercial services to ensure the successful delivery of these essential infrastructure developments.

Further to these sites, CHP are also providing cost management services on two other battery storage projects that are under construction and targeted for completion by the end of 2024, and are providing further commercial advice on five additional battery sites currently in the development phase.

These projects underscore our dedication to supporting our clients in the development of robust, efficient and sustainable energy solutions across the UK. We are proud of our work in Renewables, and to contribute to the future of energy storage and management.

David Easton, Director, CHP

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